Does the cleansing instrument have side effects? Exploring the correct use of ultrasonic wash brush

The usefulness of the cleansing instrument:

Cleansing instrument can deeply cleanse the skin, easily remove heavy makeup, improve large pores and blackheads; also can whiten and yellow, micro-shock massage to accelerate facial blood circulation, let sweat gland pores relax, free breathing, while excreting toxins dull and dull skin White translucent. The cleansing instrument can also be deeply cleaned and cleaned, releasing soft and frequent microwaves, helping the cleansing ingredients to become tiny bubbles penetrate deep into the pores, deep cleansing pores, dirt, grease and cosmetic residues;

Side effects of the cleansing device:

It will wash the skin thinly. If it is used improperly, it will have certain side effects on the capillary pit. The cleansing instrument should also be used reasonably. It is not used every day. It should be used according to the condition of your skin.

The cleansing instrument/washing brush that uses the principle of sound wave to clean the skin can make the step of cleansing efficient and thorough. However, it is not suitable for all skins. The key to cleaning is “moderate”, “over-force” and “less” on the skin. It does more harm than good.

For oily skin or areas where oil secretion is relatively strong, the cleansing instrument is a good choice. Its cleaning effect is better. The cleansing instrument can physically exfoliate and thoroughly clean it. It is more powerful than washing your face with your hands.

However, for dry skin and thinner skin, washing your face with your hands is enough. The side effect of the cleansing device is that it may make your skin thin and fragile.

Knowing the correct use of the face brush is very important for the use of the face brush,Here is a good science for everyone to use it:

1, aging and thick skin layer, real acne skin, mixed skin T area, oil and no barrier damage skin, you can use a wash brush. By exfoliating and cleansing, it can make the skin smoother and more delicate. For the T-zone, there will be an improvement (the blackhead is weaker in this respect, because there are a lot of root hairs in the blackhead, and the brush can't be brushed in the deep part of the skin). Considering the renewal cycle of the skin, it doesn't need to be used too frequently. I think that one or two times a week is enough.

2, sensitive skin, inflammatory skin, dry, it is not recommended to use a face brush. This type of skin barrier is impaired, lacking sebum membranes, thin stratum corneum, and lack of lipids between the stratum corneum cells, requiring protection rather than X-fold cleaning. This powerful cleaning and exfoliating function can make the barrier damage and telangiectasia. More than once, someone has feedback to me that the skin is stinging, reddening and damaged after using the cleansing brush.

3, normal skin, neutral skin, can be used or not, not good, use less. I do not recommend deliberate exfoliation, not only cleansing instrument, cotton pad, tear-off mask, wet wipes, fruit acid, etc., I do not recommend it. If you don't think you can buy a face brush, life is not high-end foreign gas grade, then buy one is no problem, occasionally use it, do not let it hurt your skin. According to the official advice, use twice a day, each time for up to ten or twenty seconds in each area, at least I personally can not afford.

4, pay attention to the use of methods. The friction between the face brush and the skin is also affected by stress. The tighter the brush head presses on the skin, the greater the friction and the stronger the exfoliation force, so please do not over press. If there is a propaganda saying: the brush head does not need to touch the skin at all, then please wash your face with your hands.

5, remover makeup, especially heavy makeup, cleansing tools is a good helper. It really helps to clean (in other words, people who are used to make heavy makeup, most of the skin is not much better). But sunscreen, light makeup, I personally feel that there is no need to use a face brush, because the makeup remover is too much skin damage, and even one of the incentives for Mr. Kasai Kenichiro is a chloasma. In fact, I personally do not advocate regular makeup.

All in all, the face brush is not an artifact, it is just a brush. It is the product of a combination of technology and marketing. The newer brush uses a single-chip microcomputer (microcomputer) control, which can automatically stop after running for a certain period of time. I believe that it is afraid that you will use the time for too long and damage the skin.