Massage Beauty Beauty Bar Facial Massage Beauty Steps

step one

Focus on the eyebrows, then slowly begin to spread around, then take the skin on both sides, based on the eyebrows, and massage in the direction of the temple. The skin has the feeling of pulling up, and the homeopathic massage massages the temple.

Step two

This section massages the nose that is often forgotten. Use the middle finger to straighten down the sides of the nose and gently massage the sides of the nose to stretch the skin and prevent the appearance of horizontal stripes. Massage on the left and right sides for 3 times; the middle finger refers to the navel, and moves up and down a little, about 6 times. Allows accumulated dirt to float out. To dissolve excess sebum, use a little bit of force.

Step three

At the corner of the mouth that is easy to sag, quickly lift the middle finger and the ring finger of the ring finger from the center of the lower lip to the left and right corners for massage. This has the effect of relieving skin relaxation, about 3 times.

Step four

The cheeks are massaged a lot. The lower part of the cheeks is centered on the middle finger and the ring finger of the ring finger. The finger moves a lot to massage the entire face, about 3 times.

Step five

Gently stimulate the temples, promote lymphatic circulation and gently push the temples again, and use your own feeling of strength. The temple is in charge of the lymphatic flow, and it is necessary to gently press to promote its circulation.

Step six

For the eyes around the eyes that are prone to fatigue and edema, careful and careful massage should be taken to promote blood circulation based on the corners of the eyes. The entire eye is covered with the middle finger and the ring finger, and gently stroked to the outside, about 3 times. At this time, you must push the temple again.

Step seven

Massage the blood vessels and lymph nodes with a little force. If the massage cream is not enough, you can replenish it with your entire palm. Lift the palm of your hand from the bottom to the center of the neck. Use a little force on the center of the neck. It is easier to move when you massage.

Tips: A facial massage that lasts twice a week for 5 minutes can promote blood circulation and give you a natural and balanced healthy complexion. Massage can be done in the morning and evening, first apply massage cream on the face 5 (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin), fully adapt to start.